Cooking Classes

6 Weeks of Cooking Classes

Price : Classes are $50 each + Supplies

Class is open to spectator or participant; so one could come watch and be a part of the tasting party or come prepared to learn by purchasing/bringing their own supplies from home. Spices and paired wine for socializing available.

Class highlights:

  1. Learn a new recipe start to finish
  2. Knife skill tips for restaurant quality chef presentation
  3. End of class Tasting party with wine
  4. Chef tips and hacks on speed, utilizing left overs, and saving money on food costs

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Class Schedule

April 7

1. Taste of New Orleans – Jambalaya-vegetable knife skills, perfect rice cookery, create creole flavor using chicken and sausage and spice, vegan option available.


April 14

2. Easy Delicious Herb Roast Chicken – how to break down a whole chicken, have crispy skin, and juicy meat – with a side of roasted balsamic broccoli


April 21

3. Brunch! Quiche Lorraine with Lemon zest and dill salad- Learn how to make a flaky pie crust, for a yummy quiche, make lemon zest and dill vinaigrette from scratch for a perfect salad for brunch.

April 28

4. Taste of Jamaica – Jerk chicken & tropical slaw – learn and cook around the fire pit with Chef Taylor’s jerk chicken marinade recipe served traditional island style.


May 5

5. Let’s talk about chicken wings! Learn Chef Taylor’s tricks for tender, flavorful oven fried chicken wings with Chef Taylor’s home made ranch recipe.


May 12

6. Let’s talk vegan – Vegan 6 layer burrito with jack fruit. Learn a variety of vegetable cuts, and how to roll your own burrito.

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