Wedding Catering Tulsa is the most experienced, highest rated, and most reviewed catering service in Tulsa Oklahoma with our five-star reviews and services such as catering weddings, business events, and private parties we know that we have the event Planning Department covered! We offer services such as TurnKey catering, drop off and pick up orders, bar services, rentals, event staffs and more. We always strive to be the best and the business and know what it takes to provide Top Notch catering services.

Wedding Catering Tulsa offers amazing menu options for events such as picnics in a jiffy, corporate gatherings, special events, indoor and outdoor weddings, social events, small group picnics and so much more. Some of the menu styles for our wedding packages include handling cocktail hours, desserts, hors d’oeuvres, and also including main course options as well. We also provide the china, furniture, linens, tents, and anything else that you might need for your wedding day! That makes us the top choice for all things wedding.

Wedding Catering Tulsa can also cater for your social events. Some of the social events that we have served in the past include anniversaries, retirements, birthday celebrations, and many other events! No matter what you planning for your next big event we can handle everything! We want you to reach out to us to learn about everything that we have to offer! We promise to make the next social Bash one that you will remember for a lifetime!

Here at Chef’s touch catering and more we know what it takes to provide amazing customer service. We understand that we would not remain in the industry if it were not for our customers. We would love the opportunity to prove to you that everything we say we can do, we can do! We always encourage this as we never want our customers to just simply take our word for it. We understand that the events that we are catering to are important moments that cannot risk a huge mess up! When you book us for all of your catering needs we are providing such an amazing experience that will keep you coming back time after time.

For your free quote on your next catered event give us a call at 918-719-1838 and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members. We guarantee that we can address any concern and answer any of your questions regarding our catering services. We also encourage our customers to visit us on our website at to learn more about all of the catering services that we provide. We cannot wait to serve you and we guarantee that your satisfaction will exceed your expectations every single time. Give us a call today and let us help you make all of your catering dreams come true we promise that this event will be the best yet! Let us help you take the stress out of your event planning!

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Wedding Catering Tulsa offers many different catering services for many different events. Some of the events that we have catered include indoor and outdoor weddings, picnics, providing individually packaged meals, social events and so much more. Here at Chef’s touch catering and more we are an experience catering service in Tulsa and are the most reviewed and highest-rated in the industry! With all of the catering services we provide, we know that we have what you have been looking for for your next big event!

Wedding Catering Tulsa wants to be the one you choose for all of your wedding needs. Here at Chef’s touch catering and more we can provide more than just the meal! We can also supply the furniture, ambiance, and so much more! We have an award-winning team of culinary and event planning professionals. With that being said we know we have what it takes to make your event the best you have ever experienced! We cannot wait to exceed your expectations. We are top-notch when it comes to selecting the venue, planning, executing, and completing the services we provide.

Wedding Catering Tulsa offers world-class catering to suit your needs and your budget! We believe in offering a good working relationship with the venue owners and our customers alike! We are always striving to achieve your vision. We understand that no two events are identical so whether we are catering for a non-profit, a company, training sessions, product unveiling, and many more we understand that each need needs to be met uniquely.

Here at Chef’s touch catering and more we understand that our customers are our top priority. We know that with under customers we would not be able to remain in business. We always strive to exceed our customer’s expectations not just the first time but every single time. Our goal is to earn your repeat business for many years to come. Your satisfaction is our guarantee every time. We cannot wait to visit with you and find out how we can make all of your catering Dreams Come true. We want to hear from you today!

To take advantage of your free quote all that you need to do is give us a call at 918-719-1838 to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members. We know that we will be able to address any concern and answer all of your questions regarding everything catering. We encourage you to visit our website at to check out many of our previous customer’s testimonials. We know that you will also experience amazing catering events. We always guarantee our customer satisfaction. We are here to serve you and all of your catering needs. We want to be the ones that you call every single time. I look forward to hearing from you! If you would like to have one of our team members contact you then all that you need to do is fill out the customer information form under the contact us tab on our website! We look forward to hearing from you!