Here in the Tulsa area, there is only one Tulsa catering company to work with. Everyone knows that if you have an event that you plan to have catered that there is really only one choice, and that is to work with Chef’s Touch Catering. Because that is always the very thing that will take your event to the next level of perfection. When you work with Chefs Touch, you can always be sure that all Catering Tulsa teams are here to make sure that your wedding day goes off, in the most beautiful way possible and that we are making sure that your wedding is a wedding to remember. But instead in the business to make a buck and give a meal.

Which might sound like it’s okay. But it is never okay to just give a meal for any wedding. We know that we are your first defense whenever it comes to mishaps such as burnt food, tipsy bridesmaids, or rude great aunt All of these things can cramp the style at your party. But we are here for you. While we are an amazing catering service, we are also a planning guru at your disposal.

Have you ever worked with a Tulsa catering service that offers more than just amazing food? And just how many times have you actually been amazed by food? Whenever you think about it that’s a pretty audacious claim. All had good food, and we’ve all had food that was not or enticing to our senses, but the fact is it’s very rare that our taste buds are actually amazed by what they have just experienced.

But we are here to tell you that that is exactly how your taste buds feel after they have had the food of our show because he makes sure that he puts the care into every single dish that he creates as if it was the most important is she ever made. Because that is how he is very much a perfectionist, and he’s very much involved with every single dish that he creates whether it is one that he has done 100 times or it is one that he has developed new for your event, he’s going to create every dish with the care of an artist.

This is how he also runs his kitchen. And he has a white staff that you can see the effects of this on because we are always making sure to follow our systematic procedure and serving plans. Making our serving crew a well-orchestrated and well oil machine that put out your dirt and our service and looks like a coordinated part of the evening entertainment with the skill and beauty that Chefs Tulsa Catering team needs to bring it to your dinner
service. Call us at 918-719-1711 and go to our website at

Tulsa Catering | We Are Team Bride

Whenever it comes to making sure that you are having a beautiful wedding and a fun time together then if you want to have a wedding that you’ll remember forever then you want to come to chefs touch Tulsa Catering and let us help you have that medicine way that always makes super happy. Instead of worrying that your wedding is not to how you want it to be, make sure that it is. Everything you want be available to you.

When you are working with a team like the amazing just touch Tulsa catering team. Because they are always here trying to make sure that they are going up everyone does more than you ever dreamed of finding ways to make things go smoother and to lighten those moves. I wouldn’t be in quite a heavy event people don’t really realize they because whenever you think of a wedding you only think of that pretty even the flower girl wedding cakes I’m fine nobody ever thinks back to family feuds, hard feelings between family members and draw the mood down.

Funky mood issues that come up and things we aren’t here to play referee. But we do work on a lightning in the mood for your wedding so that people can leave their animosities and bad moods at the door and enjoy the amazing food and atmosphere that we’re going to create. or if you work for the wedding planner we are committed to working closely, with open communication.

To make sure that the vision that you guys have come through and everything that we do. Because we understand when it comes to a wedding it is important to commit to the design vision. And if you’re not sure what that vision is for you and your wedding, then Tulsa Catering will be able to help you come up with it. This is one of the reasons that we say that we are also a designer, only g the food and the beautiful type of settings.

But we be able to help you come up with it overall design they’re going to be able to help you maintain during food service. And if you have the idea that you want to have a bar or a drink service we be able to provide that too as we have licensed servers on her side that is absolutely more than please deserve as a bartender they are very experienced and make some of the most delicious drinks for you and your guest.

We can be a full-service bar and make any drink that you could possibly think it is a beautiful idea to have a signature drink at your wedding reception. You can make it super fruity and extravagant looking and have it I’m always be as the drink of your night. This is the kind of specialized service that we provide whatever you work with us. You are very proud to say that we can provide you with such a well-rounded list of services and the quality we bring to your wedding. Call us at 918-719-1711 and go to our website at